A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Entry for DragonRuby Classics Jam: Gauntlet Edition

Pesky heroes are invading your dungeon, get rid of them!


  • Click on the buttons to move through menus
  • The Spawn Ghost button spawns ghosts on your bases (red crystals)
  • The Spawn Base button activate base placement mode.
    • Right Click on a designated spot to place a base
      • You can only place bases in designated spots next to other bases
      • Gain new bases to place by destroying the heroes' bases
    • Left Click to cancel base placement
  • Left Mouse Drag to select ghosts
  • Right Mouse Click to order units to move to that location
  • Middle Mouse Drag on the map to move it
    • Holding Space and Left Dragging also works
  • Mouse Wheel Scroll to change Map Zoom Levels
  • Escape Key: Pauses the game
  • A Key: Don't like the music? You can mute it with A


cgauntlet-windows-amd64.exe 5 MB
cgauntlet-macos.zip 4 MB
cgauntlet-linux-amd64.bin 5 MB

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